OPNsense e-book
The Open Source Firewall in daily business

A current e-book is available to all companies that would like to deal more intensively with the open source firewall OPNsense. The OPNsense e-book covers the central advantages of the software as well as the possibility to flexibly extend the range of functions with plugins.

m.a.x.imale power of the firewall

Der größte Vorteil von OPNsense liegt in der aktiven Entwickler-Community. Diese erweitert und optimiert die quelloffene Open Source Software regelmäßig mit neuen Plugins. So bleibt OPNsense auf dem neusten Stand der Technik. Das entlastet die Unternehmen und bietet ein Höchstmaß an Sicherheit. Durch die Plugins bietet OPNsense Features, die bei kommerziellen Lösungen teils fehlen.

The OPNsense e-book explains four useful plug-ins with an example scenario, based on experience gained from practical use of the software. Administrators learn how to set up the plugins most effectively in a step-by-step guide. The application possibilities of OPNsense are described in two real project examples.


Plugins, installation, operation, training ... with m.a.x. it everything from a single source

OPNsense is part of our managed security concept.

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